Production Planning

We work with you from the get-go collaborating on conceptualization, writing the script, storyboarding, hiring actors & crew, location scouting, and more to make sure that everything fits into the overall vision of the project.

Video Production

Lights, camera, action! Whether it's directing, camera operation, lighting, sound recording, or making sure there is enough coffee on set, we are there with a professional can-do attitude to make the vision come to life.


Editing is where the magic happens. We put together the pieces to spark emotion in the viewer. We primarily work with Adobe products such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. Let's work together to make the perfect cut for your project!

Motion Graphics

Whoa, how'd they do that? Animated infographics, lower thirds, call outs, compositing, or any other 2-D animation, we can do that for you. It's magic!

Sound Design

They say if you want your video to look professional, make sure you have amazing sound. We agree. Whether it's recording sound on set or sound design in post, our Sound Designer is one of the best in town.


Daa-dum. Daa-dum. Nothing sets the mood or tone for a movie better than music. Having the right piece of music tailored to your project can make or break it. We make sure that the music for your project gets a standing ovation.


From mobile device to the big screen, we make sure that you have the right content for the right format to reach your audiences no matter where they are.

Social Media

What's the use of a video if no one sees it? We work with you to develop a social media strategy to reach & engage your customers and target audience. Let's connect!


Creative work can be challenging and stressful. When we work with you, it's about more than business, it's about developing a strong relationship. We approach all of our clients with friendship and camaraderie. Together, there's no telling what we can accomplish!